Montegu SylverEdit

Montegu Sylver is called Monty by his friends. He is very kind and he dresses well. Monty is a famous weasel detective whose cane hides a sword. He lives in the rich part of Muggidrear, Gusted Manor. Montegu is one of the few weasels who lives there. Monty and his closest friends, Bryony Bludd , Maudlin and Scruff work together to solve mysteries. Monty has a cousin named Spindrick Sylver who is an anarchist that tries to blow up all of

Montegu Sylver wielding a sword.

Muggidrear, the capital of Welkin. Monty is brave, smart and observant.


Monty is enemies with the corrupt Mayor Poynt and the head of police, Sherif Falshed. Falshed is nowhere near as nasty as his boss, but he is afraid of Mayor Poynt and does whatever he says, most of the time. The rats from the unnamed marshes are the enemy of all mustelids, but Monty thinks it would be better if there was peace between the marsh rats and mustelids. Monty is also enemies with Spindrick Sylver and he manages to stop a bomb from blowing up Muggidrear. Sveltlana the evil lemming is another enemy of Monty.nt
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Montegu Sylver, surrounded by vampire voles.


Monty's closest friends, Bryony, Scruff and Maudlin, help Monty with his detective work. Monty makes many other friends in his adventures. From gypsy hedgehogs and a little weasel who is great at climbing, to a lemming prince and a shrew named Orgibucket.